How to develop app similar to a new online game - Wordle

What is Wordle?

You must be thinking, what is this wordle all about? So, before moving ahead, it is important to know a bit about Wordle.

One of the most well-known online word games ever created is Wordle. Wordle is a brand-new, entertaining and interesting software that offers a problem each day to predict a five-letter word correctly in six tries. Josh Wardle, a Welsh software engineer, was the original creator and developer. The New York Times Company has owned and published it since 2022. People interpret the daily phrases that they get as competition for their winning streaks. Because it's free, it's ideal for those days when you just want to laze about on the sofa and play a few brief games.

In the online word game Wordle, the player has six tries to correctly identify a five-letter word. When a player guesses, they are informed the letters they choose are in the goal word and whether or not they are in the right spot. You continue to hazard guesses in an effort to solve the conundrum. You only have six chances to succeed.


Possessing the appropriate hard skills and soft skills is the most noteworthy aspect of developing a viral app. Hard skills can be acquired, are transferrable, and can be measured through testing. Soft skills are typically more difficult to define and measure. You may think of them as qualities you possess that, depending on the scenario, make handling a problem simple for you. Develop the soft skills if you want to succeed at creating the next web phenomenon to go viral like Wordle.



There are several programming languages for computers, and learning them all would be difficult. It would be wonderful to be able to speak the languages that will enable you to accomplish your goals. Languages, frameworks made from those languages, and other relevant items are included in this grouping or collection of languages, which is referred to as a technological stack. You can combine each of the necessary languages and frameworks by having a solid understanding of a tech stack.

Having a simple, dynamic, and scalable app appears to be the need of the hour, regardless of industry. Because clients now use mobile applications for 50% of their chores, developing a strong business app is critical. And Firebase is Google's open-source mobile platform that emerges as a comprehensive option for developing high-quality apps and providing mobile app development solutions to your consumers.

Firebase is one of the top Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) for mobile and web app development. It provides a variety of options for efficiently running your Android or iOS mobile apps. Firebase enables developers to focus on creating memorable consumer experiences.


The second stage of developing a mobile app involves UX and UI design, but it doesn't make it any less significant than the first or second phases. Customers' purchase decisions may be influenced by the functionality and aesthetics of your app. Mobile apps' UX and UI designs enhance the user experience, which affects consumer happiness. Additionally, happy users are frequently a source of conversions and referrals for your programme.

User Interface and User Experience design are denoted by these letters. You want as many users and devices to be able to use your programme. It suggests the development of a simple application that everyone may use.

The secret to reaching a consumer is design. The UX/UI Design of the programme enhances customer happiness and user experience, which eventually aids in growing the number of users of the particular application. Since everything now revolves around competition, if you don't have an original idea, a design could be the thing that makes you stand out. Therefore, in this limited amount of time, you must hit the target to establish your presence in the market. When utilizing an application for the first time, the initial impression is always important. So employing design principles will aid in making a positive first impression.

On the other hand, it's crucial for the expansion of your company. From a business's perspective, it is crucial to prioritize customer happiness in order to develop the company's reputation and brand. An efficient UI/UX layout encourages people to stick around and eventually leads to devoted clients for organizations.


The actual expertise to turn your vision into a reality is what it takes to build a game like Wordle. Programming, or "coding," is the fundamental skill. A set of instructions for the computer to follow are essentially what is meant by this phrase. You must now give the computer the commands you want it to follow in a language it can comprehend. The directives adhere to a certain syntax like that of human languages. This is the sole purpose of programming languages.

To successfully convert your human thoughts into a format that a machine can read and execute, you must master a programming languages or many. You'll need programming languages for web development like Java,Kotlin, Swift.



Saying you want to create a game that goes viral is one thing; actually making it happen is quite another. You need to make a remarkable effort to ignite a web application with a creative spark. The game's originality and inventiveness will serve as the hook that draws players in and ultimately cause it to go viral.

Investigating a topic thoroughly and proposing intriguing turns and turns is what creativity entails. The concept or its execution need not be difficult. It just needs repeatedly grabbing and retaining attention.


The process of developing a website may be very tough. Thousands of lines of code must be written if you want your programme to work. This means that it may take a lot of time and work for you to finish developing your software. This is especially true if you don't set up clear strategies for taking on the work at hand.

Integrity is much more than a nice-to-have in today's business climate; it has evolved into a must in order to create an app, preserve company sustainability, and achieve long-term success. Because it has an impact on how well your project turns out, time management is a crucial component of developing apps.

Time management and work ethics are essential for the success of your application. Coding, testing, and debugging take a lot of time when programming. To complete all of these activities and keep up your progress, you'll also need to manage your time well.


When you type your code down, not everything about programming will work out as you want. Because you could have made a few mistakes, your code might fail in specific places. Making a mistake or forgetting to use a semicolon at the conclusion of a sentence is not unusual.

Debugging, as it's known to programmers, is the process of trying to identify and fix these issues. Imagine yourself playing both the crook and the investigator in a crime drama. With game and website development, technological issues are to be expected. All you need is patience to work through any issues that may arise.


Programming provides you with several options to create a unique selling point for your app, whether you are making your own app or one that is identical to another. It is entirely up to you how creatively and specifically you execute it.

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