Firebase App Development

We develop great quality Firebase apps. For Android we use standard Android Studio and Java/Kotlin programming language.

we have developed number of apps using Firebase. Our team have developed various types of applications including social media, events, small game, trading etc. with Firebase

There are number of benefits of using Firebase :

1] Better database : The Firestore database is a NoSQL database, which is better then relational database (for example MySql) which you may use if you choose other backend server to store your database but with Firebase, you will use Firestore. NoSQL is better to store large amount of data. NoSQL database provides better performance and are easy to scale. In Firestore, all data is stored in collections and documents.

2] Faster App : When you use Firebase for your App, it works Faster. Reason is Firebase is basically a cloud service provided by Google so it works better then other servers and backend service providers. When user opens any screen in your app and you are fetching and displaying some data from Firebase it will display faster, but in other servers it may take more time.

3] Free to start (within limits) : As it is provided by Google you can use your google account to login on Firebase, and in pricing plans you will see that the Spark plan is free, and if our project grows we can buy Flame or Blaze Plan. So it is absolutely free to start and we can use Spark plan initially with zero cost, but there are limits to number of reads and writes in database and limits other services also.

4] Saves a lot of time : As you may know that in order to develop any app, you may need server and hosting, to create and maintain your database and backend service. So it required at least one backend developer in your developers team and front end developer to work on Android code. Even if you have comparatively small app, having different types of developers, and they depend on each others work. For example, frontend developer may need some type of data from backend database, and will need a backend service to develop some particular function, which may need a lot of communication between both developers. And the process may create some bugs or errors also. But if we use Firebase and its Firestore database, only the frontend developer (Android developer) can manage all this work, so it saves a lot of time.

5] Better Backend functions : In application if we need to perform some functions in backend means on cloud then we can use cloud/Firebase functions. So these backend functions are also faster and better in Firebase if we compare it to other servers.

Please go thorough our Portfolio to check apps we have developed.

Please cotact us right away, we are always available to help and provide best solution and suggestions for your app development needs.

We are specialized in Services listed here . Our Awesome team ensure perfect work in each service .

iOS Application Development

We develop Native iOS application of all types. We develop iOS apps for business organizations or for personal requirements etc. We develop apps for iPhones, iWatch, iPad and other iOS devices. We deliver best apps to our clients and take care of user experience.
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Android Application Development

Our expert team develop Native Android apps with top quality. We develop apps for Android phones as well as Wearable devices, Android TV and other Android devices. We develop apps to support latest Android version to use latest features of Android.
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Alexa Skill Development

We develop standard quality Alexa Skills using Alexa Skill kit, Python, AWS or Own server. We design good Voice User Interface and use latest updates to develop skills with highest standards.
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Web Development

We develop Websites with high quality desgins and with latest technology so that users get greater experience. We develop Websites to promote your business and e commerce solutions etc.
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Firebase App Development

We develop great quality Firebase apps. We have developed number of apps using Firebase. There are benefits of using Firebase for app
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Our Work Process. [We use Agile methodology]


We do Start with direct discussion we can communicate and can talk each every details , at the same time we will do feasibility testing and improvements/suggestion for better product .


After getting clear on all requirements , we start designing mockups and again we discuss with you to make sure we are on same page and to do updates and changes in it .


After designing and getting clear each features , we start development , while development also we provide daily updates and you can also completely get involved in whole process and we check progress .


In timely manner we deliver perfect product , we can again test it , and can do bug fixes and also changes if any .

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