Alexa Skill Development

As an Alexa Skill development company we have developed alexa skills for different use cases. like healthcare, hospitality, alexa for business, cooking, fitness, smart light etc. With our team of alexa skill developers.

Alexa Skill Development

Alexa Skills are the Skills which works on all Alexa Enabled devices like Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Echo Plus etc.

We develop custom Alexa Skills, exactly as you want for your business or for personal use.

Designing for Voice is very different than that of Screen like Mobile or Web. Our team has experience in VUI. We first start with designing voice dialog flow and do reassessment with you.

Our Process:

Please check The Ultimate Guide to Build Alexa Skills by our CEO Snehil Chouhan via Hackernoon. It include Reasons Why Alexa will be next big thing. And complete process and best practice to get Alexa Skill developed, what things to keep in mind while developing Alexa Skills.

1] Explore: We start with direct discussion in depth about your goal, targeted users and we explore best voice desgin strategy.

2] Conversation Design: Based on first step, We start designing Dialog Flow/Conversation including intents, uttrances and slots. In this we identify user types and write sample dialogues. Based on dialog flow we start designing proper VUI and actual development of Skill. We develop Skill with standard Amazon Console and Python/Node.js programming. For Backend we do as you prefer with own server or AWS.

3] Development: We develop Skill with standard methods, for Alexa Skill development we do standard process given by Amazon and we use Amazon Developer Console and using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). We can say, we do development natively for Alexa and do not use any Cross platform strategy. Development is done based on Conversatoin design and while development also we provide daily updates and you can also completely get involved in whole process and we check progress.

4] Testing- Deployment-Iteration: Then we go for testing with different user and our team tests with various according to various conditions.At this stage our skill is ready to publish! we can publish and analyse user's feedback,we can discover what user like or dislike and we can do refinment process, again we can improve skill if required and can do iteration process.

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Please contact using Live chat on bottom right or directly with contact details available on site in contact section. We can start discussing analysing and providing suggestions to you immediately.

Why Choose Us?

1] Our team has experience in designing Voice User Interfaces

2] Live Skills are published on Amazon Skills Store

3] Our complete team works in-house

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