Which programming languages and tools are required to have a high quality app on android play store?

Android has become one of the most popular mobile operating systems, with millions of applications accessible on Google Play, the most of any store. If you want to design Android apps, this post will provide you with a list of some of the most popular programming languages to consider. There is basic information about each language so you may make an informed decision about which language to study.

Mobile app developers can generally create an app in one of these two categories:


A language that is natively supported by the particular mobile operating system is used to code native apps. (For instance, a native iOS app versus a native Android app.) When creating an app exclusively for the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, this is employed.

This is perfect for programmes that need to use native components of each device and have a great degree of flexibility. It works well for VR and graphics-heavy apps as well as games. But native development prevents one code from running on both systems.


For cross-platform development, hybrid apps are used. These are written in a single language and are compatible with iOS and Android devices. This shortens the development cycle because everything will only need to be coded once rather than twice (once for each OS).

For now, we are going to discuss the programming languages and tools required to have a high-quality app on the Android Play Store. So let's examine Java and Kotlin, two Android programming languages, in more detail.


It is reasonable to say that Java, which is unquestionably the industry leader in this regard, is the main language used for Android development.

This language's popularity is attested to by the fact that practically all official courses and teaching materials on Android programming are built using it. There is a tonne of Java source code available on GitHub, and the programmers themselves emphasize how useful this language is for creating mobile applications.

While Java has flaws, it is still the most popular language for Android development since it runs on a virtual computer. Java is a popular object-oriented alternative for mobile development that is widely utilized to create Android apps.The majority of the other Android languages are considered versions or flavors of Java.

For aspiring Android developers, learning about Java in the context of the Android ecosystem would be a fantastic place to start because Java has become extensively used across dozens of programming industries.


With Kotlin, you can use all the beneficial features of Java without any of its drawbacks. With a simple development environment, Kotlin programming has a modern syntax and other characteristics that are simple to comprehend and quick.

Kotlin became one of the official programming languages for Android development in 2019 when Google named it as the preferred language for the Android platform. Additionally, it smoothly integrates with Java and has additional syntactic sugar.

It's a language for Android programming that's different from regular Java and operates on the Java Virtual Machine. Even though it is a new language, it is quite popular.

Kotlin and Java are interoperable, which means they can share information. Kotlin can access all of your Java libraries. In terms of execution, the Kotlin language is compatible with Java Bytecode. Overall, it is seen to be a neater and cleaner version of Java.


Google's Android is an open-source software development platform. While Google has its own mobile device choices for phones and tablets, other manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, Microsoft, and others provide phones and tablets that run the Android operating system.

To create an Android app, you must first obtain the Android development toolkit, which includes debuggers, emulators, and the necessary SDK. Android Studio is the greatest integrated development environment (IDE) for developing Android apps.

This makes it easy if you're creating Android apps. There are other possibilities, such as cross-platform app development tools (for creating Android and iOS apps, as well as mobile apps for other operating systems), but Android Studio is by far the most popular for Android app creation.



Android Studio is a robust and complex programming environment created specifically for building, testing, and packaging Android applications. It may be downloaded as a single bundle with the Android SDK. It's a set of tools and components. Many of these tools are installed and updated individually.

The official integrated development environment (IDE) for creating Android applications is called Android Studio. It integrates the code editing and developer tools from IntelliJ IDEA, a Java integrated development environment for applications.

To update running applications with new code and resources, Android Studio employs a feature called Instant Push. A code editor offers code completion, refraction, and analysis in addition to helping the developer write code. The APK file is then created from applications created in Android Studio and submitted to the Google Play Store.


The Android SDK (software development kit) is a collection of tools for creating apps for the Android operating system, which has emerged as Apple's main competition in the smartphone market.

Google created the Android SDK, a software development kit, for the Android operating system. You don't need to be an expert to utilize the Android SDK to build Android applications. I'll describe what the Android SDK is and how to use it in this lesson. Google's official integrated development environment (IDE) for the Android operating system, Android Studio, is included with Android SDK.

The Android SDK is a group of libraries and software development tools needed to create Android applications. Developers must download and install the necessary SDK each time Google releases a new version of Android or an upgrade.

It's important to note that while you may download and use the Android SDK without using Android Studio, most Android development is done using Android Studio. All the tools required to create and test apps from scratch are included in the Android SDK. These technologies provide a smooth transition from developing and debugging to packaging during the development process.


We have expertise in developing Native Android Apps. We can develop any type of Android app as per your needs. Native apps perform best on Android devices. Apps are published on the Google Play Store and users can easily download apps from the Play Store.

We create native Android apps in Java and Kotlin programming languages using Google's powerful Android development tools, such as:

A. Android SDK (software development kit) included with Android Studio : the official Android IDE (integrated development environment).

B. Firebase: the Cloud service by Google, which provides different services like Cloud Database.

C. Android Jetpack: a pre-made bundle of Android components.


When deciding a programming language to learn or framework to use, there is no right or wrong solution. All of the alternatives presented in this manual are sensible and worthy of consideration. Each has benefits and drawbacks.

To construct a well-planned, well-structured, and highly functioning mobile app, select from a variety of widely used mobile programming languages.

Consider the many kinds of mobile applications that are available on the market, the quirks of the chosen languages, the frameworks and tools accessible, and much more before deciding on the best app coding language for your mobile product or to create the finest code for apps. There is always a fantastic option.

Que.1. What technologies are you working on?

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Que.2. Which platform should we aim for? iOS, Android, or both?

Ans.2. The platform depends on your users also. If most of your target users use Android, you should go for Android first, and if they use iOS, you should go for iOS. With the increasing popularity of the most recent Android handsets, we propose launching the product on Android Platform.

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Ans.4. Yes, we can easily create an app for your website. We employ cloud databases, so your data will be synced throughout your website and mobile app.

Que.5. How can you ensure mobile app data security?

Ans.5. To create extremely secure mobile apps, we use suitable encryption and the most recent data security solutions.

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