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Website FAQs are important for businesses as they help customers find answers to their most common questions related to your company, industry, section, or topic.

FAQs enable customers to make informed decisions and help retain their trust. The main aim of FAQs is to solve customer queries and make certain their satisfaction.

The purpose of FAQs is to educate, update, and inform customers about your product and services.

By adding custom skills to Alexa for your business, you can provide customers with an innovative way to access your services using their voice.

To add your website FAQs to Alexa , you need to create custom Alexa skills by providing your business/website questions and answers.

When a user invokes the skill and asks a question, Alexa will answer it correctly.

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Adding website FAQs to Alexa skills can benefit your business in several ways:

1. Brand Image:

Adding website FAQs helps you create a brand image. When you answer customers' questions, it makes a positive impression on your visitors, and they are more likely to trust you as an honest business.

2. Customer Service:

Alexa will act as a customer service provider and answer any number of questions, thereby ameliorating customer satisfaction.

3. Visitor Engagement:

Visitors won't feel annoyed and will persist on your site as they can find answers to their questions on your Alexa skill only.

4. Increased Conversion Rate:

A good FAQ helps you increase your conversion rate, resulting in increased revenue. By monitoring your customers' needs, demands, and wants and addressing them through your FAQs, you can give them a reason to buy your product or service.

At Optimum Technical Labs LLP, we specialize in developing engaging voice applications for businesses of any size, across several industries. Our talented Alexa developers can build Alexa skills to indulge to every sort of business need.

Our team of experts can create a custom Alexa skill specially made for your website

Contact Optimum Technical Labs LLP to Add Website FAQ to Alexa skill

We have experts in developing engaging voice applications for brands, businesses of any size and also offer our service across several industries. We have a team of Alexa developers that help your company to extend your digital reach through your customized alexa skill across the world.

We have designed various custom Alexa skills for our clients related to their services or platforms. Also our talented Alexa developers can build Alexa skills for every sort of business needs.

It will be quite simple and easy for our experienced Alexa developers to create a custom Alexa skill. They will understand your needs and come up with the complete latest voice solutions. We will assist you to make your skill live on Alexa skill store by developer console.

Get in touch with us at at any time.

What you need to provide (requirements)

1. You need to provide a FAQ.

2. Name of website

3. Logo of website

For other requirements eg Alexa console etc, we will let you know.

What you will get (deliverables)

After you provide us with all requirements, we quickly start to work on it. And after completing it, you will get -

1. Custom Alexa skill developed

2. Alexa users will be able to ask faq of your website just by your website name eg. Alexa, Open website name.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Alexa always working?

Ans: Alexa is always ready to help you. When you say the wake word i.e Alexa, it will act as per your request.

2. What is the cost and days required to develop Website FAQ alexa skill?

Ans: It will cost nearly $5,00 - $7,000 and takes 3 days to 1 month to build this type of skill. We will provide you with Alexa skill at a reasonable price and as fast as possible. You may contact us for a free quote.

3. Does custom alexa skill charge me?

Ans: No. They are totally free. Some skills required some cost to enable their particular function.

4. In how many days does the custom alexa skill get published?

Ans: It will take 1 or 2 business days to review and publish skills. Amazon has a review process for adding new skills to the alexa skill store. You will get an email to inform you if your skill passes that review process or not.

5. Can I Create My Own Alexa Skill?

Ans: Yes, you can create your own alexa skill as per your needs Or you can contact any Alexa Skill development company to create custom skills that will make your skill available at an affordable price.

6. Does custom alexa skill affect productivity of my business?

Ans: Yes. Customized skills with proper call to action features help to boost productivity and profitability of your business. So it is necessary to have an Alexa skill to market your product or services with an interesting voice content.

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Swapnil Chouhan is Founder of Optimum Technical Labs LLP, Worked on Several mobile app development projects, He writes about it.

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    "Excellent programmer,he replied to all my questions,very helpful,thanks."

  • Optimum Technical Labs team is amazing, my app was very complex and with new technology, they developed it with ease, were available each and every time I needed any help, we are working together on my project from 1 year. Snehil and whole Optimum Technical Labs team work very hard and always ready to make any changes I ask. They are expert in various technologies, which is great. We are like one team now. Looking forward to keep working with them continuously.

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