AR Augmented Reality app using ARCore for displaying furniture or electronics

AR Augmented Reality Mobile app does wonders by combining real and virtual world.

How AR app can help to increase business and sales:

In today’s world digital simulation of products is required more than anything. Customers prefer to get details about the product, to get real experience before purchasing the product. Going to the store takes time, time is most important in the digital world. If business can save time for customers and at the same time provide an exact experience of the product it will win the market.

Furniture sellers can use AR to show their furniture to their customers.
Augmented Reality is the best technology available today to be used very easily by businesses to fulfill this experience gap. Users can experience the furniture table, sofa etc by placing it in their very own rooms and decide on that basis which furniture will be perfect for them.

How this app gets developed:
We need to have 3D models of products that we want to display in the app. And then we need to build native Android app using Java/Kotlin Android Studio for best performance. This type of app works on ARCore supported Android devices.

How current app works and customer experience:
As shown in the video and play store demo app. Users have to scan the surface first, then the user can select the desired product from the list we put in the app. Users will see white dots on the surface, when the user taps on the surface, the selected product gets placed on that place. After placing, the user can move it in three dimensions and position it exactly where he/she wants.
This type of app can be published on the Play Store and become ready to be discovered by customers in a short period of time.

Importance of using newer technologies like AR and VR:
As we all are witnessing the making of Metaverse and related technologies. Businesses that grab the opportunity and provide their products or service on these new platforms, will win more customers.

Having our own AR app is one such way to be in AR world.
If we have our AR and VR app then it will be easier to move or expand it to Metaverse in near future.

Cost of AR app development :
Cost of AR app development depends on the complexity of app that is required and number of development hours it will take. Cost can vary from $2000 for a simple and small AR app to $150,000 for a custom AR solution with many functions.

If you are looking for anything in which we can help, Just Contact us and we can quickly discuss details about your app. We will need to know what we need to display in AR and what other features we need in app.

You can provide us all the required information, And we can start right away with process to develop AR app according to requirements.

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About Writer

Swapnil Chouhan is Founder of Optimum Technical Labs LLP

Swapnil Chouhan is Founder of Optimum Technical Labs LLP, Worked on Several mobile app development projects, He writes about it.

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