Facebook / Meta Audience Network Integration with Mediation

Facebook/Meta Audience Network is one of most useful way to Monetize any type app. To integrate FAN or MAN in app we need to use Mediation partner.

Steps to integrate:
1] Create App on Facbook Audience Network Console.
2] Create App on Mediation Partner Console.
3] Update App Code in Android Studio Java/Kotlin.

Example of Mediation Platforms:
1] ironSource
2] MoPub [MoPub is aquired by AppLovin MAX, we can halp you moving app ad from Mopub to AppLovin]
3] AppLovin MAX etc

App-Ads.txt file
This needs to be on your developer website root. eg. www.example.com/app-ads.txt
Its content can be found on Mediation Platform.

We can help you in integrating fb ad in your app perfectly. Based on our expertise in integration in many apps we can provide best suggestions and ways.

If you are looking for anything in which we can help, Just Contact us and we can quickly discuss details about your app. We will need to know which type of ad units your app have.

You can provide us all the required information, And we can start right away with process to integration facbook audience network

Looking forward for your email/skype message and to discuss with you.


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