Hope for the matches will also be a fantastic, as was the auction.

Indian Premier League, the most awaited T20 tournament for all the cricket fans. It attracts millions of people or cricket fans every year around the world. Every year cricket players in IPL try their best to catch the tensions of their fans and increase their interest in them so that they can work hard and do their best to win the match.

Indian premier league is the most interesting tournament around the world specially for the cricket lovers and cricket player fans as this is a time where they can be proud of their choices and being cricket fans.

Another thing which is very interesting and very popular around the world is the IPL auction. The auction is the centerpiece of the IPL. 10 franchises compete with one another. The motive of this competition is to secure the domestic players, National players and international players in an efficient budget.


Indian premier league 2023 will be the 16th edition of IPL. Generally, there were 8 franchises who competed. But two franchises were added last year : Ahmedabad and Lucknow. This IPL mini auction 2023 was held on 23 December 2023 in Kochi. This was very interesting as two more franchises were added and the auction was very eye-catching and catched the attention of all the cricket fans around the world.

There will be a total of 405 players who were auctioned off in the IPL auction 2023. From 405 players 80 players were auctioned off. They were what by 10 teams which includes:

1. 51 Indians

2. 29 overseas

There was a total spend of 1.67 crores by the ten franchises. IPL auction 2023 was the mini auction but there was nothing like many auctions. This was the fantastic auction that was held in December 2023.

Now all the world is waiting for the IPL 2023 match. By seeing the auction we can hope that the match will also be as fantastic as the IPL auction 2023. Hope for the best.

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Swapnil Chouhan is Founder of Optimum Technical Labs LLP, Worked on Several mobile app development projects, He writes about it.

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