How can you apply Question Answer Alexa skills to your work?

What is Alexa?

As we all know, Alexa is a device which many people use; the user interacts or operates using voice with Alexa. Alexa is a cloud based software and its work totally depends on VUI(Voice User Interface). Alexa Echo is a smart voice based device which works on cloud and using different skill we can do different things eg. storing data etc. It can do multiple of your work just by giving simple voice commands.

Generally, when we ask Alexa to do something, it works as it gets instruction. Alexa can do anything and can be designed by our choice. We can design such an application that asks questions to the user and it will get answered. Alexa can do follow-up questions. Alexa can tell results and also save results. For all this, we have to develop the Alexa skill for it.

Alexa can also be used as -

Here one of the applications for the device can be to ask questions to the user and get answers. Means Alexa asks questions as defined by us in code with multiple choice answers.

User provides an answer by telling A, B, C, D or 1, 2, 3, 4.

There can be any number of questions, all the answers get saved in the database for any further use. User's data eg. email, number, address can also be accessed, which can also be saved. It has a give and take feature.

It has the capability to develop custom skills, we can develop any skill and connect it to our existing database; with the code we can perform almost any operation to understand we can say any operation that can be done with a website, although there are some limitations as it is comparatively new technology.

As an Alexa skill development company, we have expertise in developing many alexa skills. Including question answer alexa skills, we did Alexa skill for different use cases eg. Smart Home, Calculation based, API calling, Real estate information etc .

To take example of Question Answer related Alexa skill that we are talking about in this article, At optimum technical labs llp, we designed and developed an Alexa Skill for an Insurance company Athenia Insure. It tells users about different insurance plans and lets users register. So while registering users answer different questions and based on those answers, insurance companies contact users with a perfect plan.

question answer alexa skill

Examples of industries where Alexa skills are used -

If a person is searching for a job and there is an opening somewhere like in some school or college,he can use alexa skill and give a test on it by answering multiple choice questions. All the answers, email and details can be saved in the database and then the school can easily find the result and contact deserving candidates.

If you go to McDonald's, there is a touch screen panel where users can use voice alexa skill. Users can tell items from the menu and then alexa skill can ask related questions; i.e what to add in order and then the number can be generated for that customer order.

In the case of playing a quiz, where there is one question with many answers; all the questions and answers are stored in alexa. while playing, alexa collects information about the person who is playing the game. it will start asking questions. and whose answers are correct, Alexa declares him as a winner.


Alexa has many skills and we can design it according to our choice. Here we have seen only “Question Answer Skill” and its use in various sectors like Finance sector, Education Sector, Business Sector. But Alexa Skills can be used anywhere.

Amazon designed Alexa to respond to a number of commands and converse with people. Alexa skills allows users to perform various actions using voice activated control through Alexa. By using Alexa, one need not have to take paper and write down all things; as Alexa has a store capacity, once data is stored, it helps us to get stored information through voice assistant.

Apart from designing Alexa skills for an Insurance company Athenia Insure, we have designed alexa skills for various sectors i.e Education, Ayurveda etc. that makes our clients and users happy and satisfied. We have expertise in designing Alexa Skills and can do development according to your needs.

If you are trying to build Alexa skill and facing a problem, then you can hire our Alexa skill developer or can contact us; we are available 24*7. We have helped ____ number of customers to build their alexa skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What things are included if we take the question to answer alexa skill service?

Ans: Alexa Skill with question answer,(it can be static or dynamic with saving of answer etc) welcome message testing skill, publishing if required.

2. What will be the starting point of skill? What can be used to say to open skill?

Ans: There is a standard. Users can say: Alexa, Open/Ask [Skill Name] or Alexa ask [Skill Name] [Question]etc.

3. What details do you need from us?

Ans: We will only need Amazon Developer Console Account created (It will required in the end to publish skill) and AWS (It may not be necessary for all skills)

4. How many Languages used in Alexa?

Ans: We can use Alexa in 8 Languages i.e English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi based on our choice we can use one or more languages.

5. Can we update the developed question answer alexa skill?

Ans: Yes, we develop custom Alexa skills using console and code, which is editable.

6. What to do if my alexa doesn't respond?

Ans: First check for your internet connection. You need to check if your device is not muted. If it is showing a red light, then it is muted. If your device is not having a screen, you need to press the Action button to see if your Echo device responds.

7. From where Alexa gets her answers?

Ans:Alexa does not support Google’s search engine. It uses Bing as the search engine for answering the questions. There are custom Alexa skills also; that are programs that can be added to your Alexa-enabled devices; so that it will be more informative, fun and useful.

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