OCR Technology to detect numbers or characters using Live Camera

OCR Technology does wonders by detecting any character numbers or words written on anything in different language in any type of writing handwriting or computer typed writing, using live mobile camera.

Where it can be used:
1] Reading details on ID Card.
2] Reading vehicle number plate.
3] Reading words or numbers from any page etc many example can be there..
4] Inventory products reader.
5] Handwriting recognition.

Works perfectly for:
1] English and several other languages
2] Handwriting and computer types writing and other type of writings also
3] Captured image or live camera

For eg. Check image on top of this blog
It is live screenshot, where laptop is showing.
Our OCR app detects words written in live camera
App display detected words "MacBook Air"

Use detected data:
With use of mobile app, it does not only detected but the detected data words, sentences and numbers can be used further to do any operations, calculation or save in file.
We can share data, save on secure and usable files etc.

We can help you in developing ocr app according to requirements. To detect any numbers and apply calculation for fast work. Or to remove manual work of viewing and writing words, directly use mobile app to quickly detect words and save on desired file. Based on our expertise in integration in many apps we can provide best suggestions and ways.

If you are looking for anything in which we can help, Just Contact us and we can quickly discuss details about your app. We will need to know what we need to detect and what operations we need to perform on it.

You can provide us all the required information, And we can start right away with process to develop OCR app according to requirements

Looking forward for your email/skype message and to discuss with you.


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