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Usage of QR code is increased, in most of the industries.

For example if we try to categorise in three points:
1] Brands such as Nike used QR Code for their loyalty campaign , Amazon used QRCode for their Halloween delivery boxes packaging, Burger King used QRCode for discounts giveaway with MTV VMA And in advertisements.
2] In Manufacturing or similar industry for Employee In/Out and Products In/Out.
3] Individuals, creators uses QRCode to share their work or website etc.

How do they create QRCode for products / websites etc?
1] If we just need a QR code it can be easily created by using any free available online websites or mobile apps.
2] If we need our own QRCode app for doing processes such as product in/out, inspection form etc then we can develop a custom solution for it. So all the data remains on companies own servers, it is not shared with any free solution provider.

For Inventory management:
We developed a QR Code related app for UK based company, For inventory management, by scanning QR codes they could easily Add, Remove products from their warehouse Employees are able to easily Add/ Remove the product. This type of custom Android app solution helps to increase productivity and profit of the company. Mobile app can be in sync with your existing database of products.

We can help you in using qrcodes in your app perfectly. Based on our expertise in using qrcodes in many apps we can provide best suggestions and ways.

If you are looking for anything in which we can help, Just Contact us and we can quickly discuss details about your app. We will need to know how you want to use QRCodes.

You can provide us all the required information, And we can start right away with process of developing custom qrcode app.

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