Why is it necessary to get your own mobile app developed

Why is it necessary to get your own mobile app developed

Whether you are a business owner or single service provider or any kind of small business

Basic :

As we all know it is necessary website development, it is necessary to develop mobile app it is much more important because its connection is so very well with the customers. We know that website can also open in mobile but still connection with your customers or users on mobile phone using a mobile app is way better then on a web. The most important thing is that mobile apps icon user always see on mobile but in website they need to open the browser and write URL of your website or search for it then they open it.


Suppose a condition with any shopping business, user is outside wandering, and he suddenly gets idea to purchase something, there would be two cases:

He has mobile app installed : User will quickly open the app, and will easily go on to purchase.

Mobile app is available but not installed : user will think before installing app.

Business or company from which want to purchase, does not have any mobile app : He will search first, then will search for website.

He opens mobile website: whatever technologies we implement with web, it can not give same experience as native mobile app. User will not feel comfortable in checking details and order.

There can be large number of user who get idea to order something on the way to home or office etc, and decide to order if after reaching home because on mobile the website does not work well, and then if user forgets to order while driving home or change his mind, then there will be large different because the order which user was about to do, is only cancelled because of unavailability . Connection with users is the most important aspect, Suppose a condition in which you want to plan a event or you want to provide some offer to users, if you put up banner on your website, if the user visits your website at that time, then he will be able to see that and get benefit from that event. Another condition with the mobile app will be, you will instantly be able to send notification to all users and everyone will see the heading, and they see great heading, "this event will be going on with favourite business or shop", and they will instantly click the notification and join you, its big difference and its increase the conversion rate much higher.

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