Find and Validate an App Idea - Step by Step Guide

While developing an app, it is just like executing the inner thoughts and creativity of making an app and bringing it to the real world. Developing an idea is a big responsibility, most importantly for the app owner, in order to take care of user's desires for an app. Not only is getting an idea, but the validation of the app idea is also an important task and a part of a new app.

Therefore, both idea generation and idea validation are equally important for the development of an application; for having a high performing app.

Let's begin the journey on this blog, where you will get to know about finding and validating an idea separately.

The first and foremost thing you should do while developing an app is come up with an idea.


To start with the development of an app, you must think of the awesome idea on which you will work on. Coming up with an idea does not mean to think of a very normal and single idea, you need to think of something new and unique.

Practically, the strategy should be to find the solution to the problem. The best way to develop an app is to connect it to real life problems and situations and to find the solution by developing an app. As an app owner, there is a need to think as a user also, to understand their problem in order to make an app that brings ease to their life.

Last, but not the least, there are and there may be a number of applications that solve the particular problems of users and that satisfy them. Do not get distracted, just focus on developing the primary version of the application, that does its primary functions well and which is user friendly. Develop something unique which catches the users attention and which makes them switch their apps to your app.

There are various ways for finding and validating app ideas. According to us, below listed ones are the important ways:

1. Look through the App Store for applications.

First and foremost thing that stands before anything is to directly view the applications on the play store. By doing so, you will get a clear picture about all the apps that are in the market and all ideas that already exist in the market.

Looking at the play store will give you the real idea of:

A. How many kinds of applications that already exist in the market?

B. Is the idea different from others?

There are various types and categories of apps on the play store, which are created with different ideas and strategies. By doing research and analyzing the play store helps in developing an idea, which is unique and different from other ideas.

Furthermore, users give their reviews on the play store after experiencing apps. Analyzing reviews of users helps in analyzing the problems of users in order to make the solution of it.

2.Take a break

Break is the necessary part of the process of app development. Break does not mean to stop working on app development, it means to work on the development of apps but to observe the real life situations and problems of people rather than to practically work on it.

It is a fact that problems are waiting to become a great idea, the only thing is to find them and work on them. It is only about the attentiveness and activeness to observe the surroundings and to develop the app for the problem on which the people are going through.

This break can be very efficient in the decision making of choosing the particular idea to work on the further procedure of it.

3.Take a look at what is being financed

Finance plays an important role in developing the application whether it is a big application or the small or primary application. Examining the people and organization who could help you in supporting your idea and are interested in investing in it. There are so many investor portfolio sites available. You can go through them and approach different investors to invest in your idea and set a deal.

Remember, it is only necessary if you are looking to create a very big app. For small apps nowadays, you can finance it yourself. This is so because if you are going to develop the primary functionality app it can be developed in a low investment.

What Is Idea Validation, Exactly?

After getting an idea and making it clear in yourself on what you want to work on, validation of the idea is the second procedure to be done.

Idea Validation is the process of verifying the idea through trial and error method to make speedy, tried and true decisions. The goal of this process is to make sure that the idea is totally perfect and is checked from every aspect.

Idea Validation helps in providing evidence that your idea will be proved to be a successful one and satisfy all users. It also helps in making it believe that the users are not only curious about your app but also ready to pay for it to use it.

Why Is Product Idea Validation Important?

Once the idea is generated, it needs to be validated in order to be 100% sure about the idea and to be sure about how to proceed with it. While validating the idea, you analyze the problem you have found while generating the idea. Analyzing the problem helps in knowing whether the people are interested or not and willing to pay for it or not.

While validating the idea, it is very important to properly research and analyze the market and the real world in order to prevent any mistake. This will help in making the process and idea strong to make it a successful one.

There are crucial steps which according to us are very helpful in validating the idea.

Steps of validating the idea includes the following:


Before you proceed with the process of app development, it is very important that you should confirm that there are enough and satisfactory users of your app. If you find there are less or no potential users of your app, then you should change the idea or its category.

This is so because users are like the assets for the developer to make his app reach top of the market and make it worthy of developing it.


Before you proceed to code your app, you must ensure yourself that the idea is unique and different from competitors. For every idea, there are competitors in the market. There may be other apps available that are similar to your idea.

Analyze the competitors, try to understand their idea, examine their strategy and analyze the needs of the users. Based on this, develop the different apps from your competitors and bring something unique to the market.

Develop an app that fits perfectly in the market. If it is looking similar to the competitors, try to give it a new base which is different from the competitors. This is an important consideration while validating an app for the idea to be an interesting one.


Target Audiences are the crucial part of any app development. As an App developer you should consider your target audience and have a clear understanding of your target audience.

You can take the help of various marketing polls and try to understand the needs and desires of the users. This will help in understanding the users necessity for the various features in an application in order to develop the app of their needs.

While considering the target audience you need to communicate with the people in order to categorize your audience and users which enable you to create the need of your app. Considering the target audience helps you to know whether your application is viable in the market or not.


By developing an application and validating it serveys must be conducted. This is so because surveys enable you to get user input for your app development process.

Surveys are the quantitative user research instrument Which helps in getting the users input in order to develop search applications which have all the necessary features which users want.

Serveys are the cost effective methods and necessary for the idea validation process. They provide a clear picture of the target audience and their inputs.


While validating an app idea, you need to understand the importance of the user's experience. This can happen by developing the prototype of an application which will be a crude form of your application.

These prototypes can be done for one platform, e.g., Android . For this step, one should find an expert partner who can perfectly develop the app and make it available for testing and can continue full development later, based on the prototype.

This is an important step to be done before developing an application in order to develop a satisfactory application.

Using any no code tool or alternative method of development is not perfect for a long time because there are always upgrades going on in hardware and operating systems. There is no better option than using the standard and best way, which would be the true native way for Android using Java/Kotlin and Swift for iOS.

If one does a prototype in the standard way, then it does not take effort to start a full version of the app, and money/time on the prototype does not get wasted. Furthermore, you are not reliant on any third-party platform for development; you own the code and can make any changes you want at any time.


It is very important to examine your app's market fit because when an app is developed and released to the market, it is very important that it will reach the target audience and for this examination of app, market fit is the necessary step.

Development should consider and give importance to the users base size is directly proportional to the app's value.Creating marketing strategy is very important because if your app doesn't reach the target audience it will not be a successful one.


MVP on minimum viable product ensures that you can test your app while releasing the primary version of it before actually developing the full app.

Launching the MVP Means you need to only develop the features that users want. With launching MVP, you can test your app and focus on the necessary features that are needed Before developing the full feature version with the help of users feedback through MVP.


App Idea generation and App Idea validation, both are equally important. After generating, the idea validation determines the app's success story. As an app owner, you should validate the idea before investing in it. An app owner should recognise and understand the users personas And should create the users journey map.

An app owner should also have the quality of strategy making, so that if any changes needed in an application, the changes would be made quickly. Developing a robust and dynamic app so that it fits to the ever changing environment and can become a long time achiever.

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