Ways To Do Mobile App Market Research

It is great, you are deciding to build a Mobile app.

But did you study the app market?

From the last decade, there has been rapid growth in the mobile app market with the introduction of new technology. And according to statista , the mobile app market revenue will continue to grow annually by 9.27%, resulting in market volume of US$614.40bn by 2026.

You are just thinking, why is there a need for market research before developing mobile apps?

In today's digital world, everyone has a mobile. One can say that Mobile is the future for everything.

Mobile App Development is not just code or software; it is a process of creating, designing, building and launching a successful mobile product. Mobile apps are developed just to make your work easy.

Building an App is not just a thing, it is a challenge. You can also hire a Mobile App Developer or a company to make your idea profitable.

1.Having a trending mobile app idea is not enough to stand out in the market. You need to understand the market by doing in-depth research, keeping an eye on changing market trends.

2.There are so many apps in the market that people nowadays are losing patience if they find your app not working well. They will definitely delete your app and download another.

3.Doing proper research helps you analyze your customers expectations from your product. Once you will be able to create a solution for their problem, it helps you to stay at the top in the competition.

4.The detailed market research helps to keep your app development within budget.

5.Market research also helps you to strengthen your mobile app’s popularity with unique ideas.

6.The analysis of the market for your mobile app gives you valuable insights of the market and prevents you from making terrible mistakes. It makes you aware of the customer's pain point and stops you from adding unnecessary features in the app.

7.Market research before building a mobile app helps your business to reach the top in your industry.

How should research be done before developing an app?

The techniques for doing the app market research has been changing over years. Some of these that are beneficial to you are included below.

1.Study Existing Apps:

Have you got an Idea for your mobile app? How are you going to develop it? You need to do analysis of some apps in the app store; And write down about features,design, characteristics, functionality related to apps in the app store.

Through this you can get some idea of developing an App. Write down your idea on a piece of paper. By doing this you can get some rough idea about your app, how it will be, how it looks and how it will work etc.

When you understand what your users need and how you can solve their problem, that is the first approach of your app development. You need to give a solution to their problem and let them understand the benefits of your app. To build a great App idea, you need to know your industry throughly. If you can do better research, it will help you to build a great App.

Which mobile apps are in trend currently, means mobile Apps that are in demand now and exactly what types of apps people are mostly looking for. You have to be prepared for what is new coming in the market about upcoming trends.

Apart from this, also keep an eye on which platform it is good to work on so that it is suitable for everyone who is going to use it. Also its operating system, you need to look for.

2.Study Competitors:

One has to study competitors also; who are the competitors, what are they doing or planning to get their app success, what is their strategy for launching mobile apps, after buying their app what are the reviews.

With tremendous competition in the market, your mobile app should be unique. Though it is unique, it is not necessary that people will like it. If they like an app, they will download it; But what if it is slow, also what if it takes time to load. So one has to check its speed, its loading time.

It should be fast in speed and loading time. You have to think about which type of app you are going to develop. If you are going to build an education app for students or kids, you should categories into their age, interest, education level. You have to plan and decide the technology required for development of an App. If required, hire some research firm to do in-depth research.

Your app should be beneficial to all who are going to use it. It will increase the number of downloads. If it is not useful, then people will look for other choices. Also it should be easy to use; not complicated.

Anyone from small to big can make use of it. App appearance also comes under its uniqueness. Appearance makes a first impression. It should be good looking, comfortable and exciting to use and catchy.

The most important thing to build an App is Budget. It is the crucial and most important part of App development. Without it, all the hard work of developing an App goes in vain. You have to study in what budget your competitors are developing apps and accordingly plan for your budget.

Also if you are developing an App, there are chances that others will also create the same thing in exactly similar patterns. You have more competitors in line. You have to think out of the box. It will take time to build a successful app but nothing is impossible.

You have to take a look at what makes other successful apps different and if their app fails, then what are their weak points. So that you can avoid those points while developing your App.

While developing an unique App, you have to think about what features others mobile App have and what you can do differently. Because having similar features, no one will be interested in downloading your App. Also it will take more space in buyers mobile.

Trying to develop an App, think about users also, if your App is ready to solve their problem. Developing an App is just a simple thing sometimes, but solving users' problems becomes difficult. Because everyone has different choices and needs. It is hard to recognise user's requirements. For this you have to make an analysis related to the user's interest.

With the development of an App, you should also think if it will be free or paid. You are just about to launch an App or it is new to the market, it should be free. So that many people make use of it, download it. For a paid app, it should be a special one.

3.After App Development:

Now if the App development from your side is done, then you can launch a small(beta) version of an App. You get to see user's positive and negative reactions and one can say feedback.

Positive reactions are good. But negative reactions help you to make your app better. It tells where your app is lagging behind. With Beta version, you keep adding your weak points by making them strong.

4.Do Survey:

The most important point in App Development, for a greater user experience is Survey. Surveys let you know about people's reactions, their opinions and also about trends. It will take time or may be sooner. It helps to correct bugs.

Also you can use focus groups to know human behavior. People will be satisfied as you keep your app updated. If you are able to find some potential users, ask them directly, if they would like to use your App(tell features).

Now-a-days online communities and discussions in them are growing. You can go and join related communities and do research from there. Similarly, you can do in Audio communities i.e Clubhouse.

5.Study Social Media:

To stay at the top of the market, Social Media helps you to track current and most emerging trends. It is only the platform where your competitors are kept updating on, their latest innovations and you can observe your consumer and competitors at a time.

It assists to better understand the target market. It is a way to know the consumer's reactions on your competitor's products and services. By analyzing people's reactions on social media, you are able to know your customers.

When you are going to make your app live in the hands of end-users, you should think or make a survey of your competitor's App. Whether they are going to launch any app. You have to plan and decide the right time to launch your app.

Because if they are launching their app, then people may get attracted to their App first, very few will notice your App. So it is important to know the correct timing of launching an App.


The process of Mobile App development is incomplete without Market Research. It helps you to decide your position in the market and to make proper decisions. When you get answers to all questions in your mind, you are able to turn your idea into reality.

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