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Walking down the street of an unknown place there are several things to discover which one might miss if he/she does not have information about it,for the same reason travelers use guides but nowadays the use of apps has increased.

What is an Audio Guide App?

Audio Guide App acts as a travel guide on your iOS and Android mobile and can be downloaded. It is a simple, easiest and affordable way to make you travel better on your own way. As a traveler, if you go out of the country, city or if you visit any museum or any historical place, and if you want to know about history related to the place, cultural value, significance; sometimes it is inconvenient to bear a tour guide.

Nowadays tourists prefer to travel alone instead of in a group. To maintain hygiene, they prefer to walk alone and choose less crowded places. They try to discover new places on their own. To solve the problem of sharing travel maps, brochures, travel in a tour bus; Audio Guide App is an innovative way to help them.

Key points of Audio Guide App

We know the image speaks thousand words, Sound also helps to engage visitors. Sound increases production value, adds emotional responses and various moods. So in today's world, the need for Audio App increases.

1.By helping visitors to know the interesting facts about the place they want to visit, by showing videos, text, images in your app.

2.These apps are becoming popular with travelers as they can listen to stories and interesting facts related to their favorite place; sometimes a tour guide may forget to share with us. It is a medium to collect information about any new place.

3.This App is similar to a map app but audio guides with image details are shown step by step according to user journey.

4.These audio guide apps are developed for the sites which are popular places. One can use GPS to discover natural wonders.

5.You can walk on your own, fast or slow, as you like. You are in self control and can take as much as time to explore the place.

6.The use of this application is not limited as in tour or museum; One can use the app in painting and art exhibition, trade fairs, wildlife sanctuaries, educational tours, archeological sites etc. Audio Guide App proves to be beneficial to all sectors.

7.Audio tours help to engage visitors by their sound. They keep entertaining themselves by using headphones. They have more fun while learning.

8.This Audio Guide App helps visually impaired people to enjoy art, during art galleries, exhibitions. It provides visual descriptions of the exhibitions to the blind people a rich art experience.

Additional Features of Audio Guide App:

1.The app show other location points eg. restaurants, additional places to visit, special shops

2.The Audio App has optional Password protected featured, so that app will be used by customers only

3.It has offline features, users can listen to audio guide and view map point in while offline also

4.The app has a weather forecast feature that shows the current weather forecast in a place where there is a sudden change in weather from sunny to rain.

5.The user can use the app in any languages we add in the app eg. French, Italian, Spanish, English, German etc. This is the most important feature of the app.

6.The app finds an easy way using push notifications push notifications to increase customer satisfaction and their engagement.

7.It is good for an app to have a geo-tracking feature to track your location if you are on a solo trip. Just you need to turn on location service on your mobile.

8.The app provides a panic button for the security purpose.

9.One can share their traveling experiences on social media by using the app's Social sharing feature. It motivates people to plan and organize their trip.

10.The preview tour feature in the app helps you to make decisions quickly by understanding the experiences of other people.


Building an app like Audio Guide helps you to find business opportunities for forest owners and ecotourism companies. The Audio Guide App is a good option to make the place more accessible to the visitors. Audio is one of the best media while traveling with a group or solo. It is of great use while traveling to the Museum.

The app is accessible by everyone and all people use mobile phones and it is not possible to have a real guide with everyone. As now-a-days, in the Digital Era, Audio content is becoming much more popular, people use Audio Guide to narrate their experiences. Audio tours help to eliminate traditional barriers letting people enjoy their tour.

At Optimum technical labs llp, we have expertise in building applications like an Audio Guide App. If you want to build such an application, which is affordable, informative and entertaining; share your details with us, we will be happy to help you.

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