Boost your Customer Engagement using Push Notification

Who doesn't want to stay updated in today's digital days?

If you have done shopping from any online store and if the store has an app, then the app will send you a message that will popup on the user's mobile; even if they are not online.

These messages have more benefits in the mobile marketing as they want users to alert upon new upcomings, breaking news updates, delivery of the products and about any special offer,coupon,sports score.

What are these messages called ?

These messages are called Push Notifications. Push notification uses a very small amount of mobile data i.e 0.73MB of data per month. The amount of data used by push notification can vary depending upon the type of notification and app.

Some push notification services charge you to send messages. This will help you to segment your audience as well as to maintain each customer account.

Users now-a-days are busy individuals who are not aware of what's going on in the market. So Push Notifications is the perfect way to be in contact with the market. Pushes are supported by Mobile Platforms Android, iOS.

You can find push notifications often at the top or side of your screen. Generally they are at the lock screen, notification center or banner.

Among the customer communication methods i.e E-mail, Text message, Website, Social Media, Handwritten Notes etc; Push notifications are the smarter way to stay in contact with customers. These notifications go directly to the user's mobile with the guarantee that users will see it.

Push notification can drain your battery. As they use a combination of the GPS, cellular data as well as WiFi to keep the app awake and running in the background. There are ways to lower the battery impact of push notifications.

The android push notification character limit is 240 characters.

statistics and graphs of Push Notificatopns

81% of Android app users opt-in for Push Notifications as they come from apps installed on Mobile. To receive perfect Push Notification, one must have an app installed in Mobile and opt-in to the notifications.

Push notifications seem to be useful for the people who quickly jump from one piece of content to another content. Generally they are important for the people who are not able to recall things perfectly. One should intelligently manage push notifications to achieve goals. The main function of Push Notification is to share instant messages.

Let us see push notification uses in detail -

1.Notifications help to increase User Retention:

User retention is an important factor for any business success. If you are a Mobile app developer and you develop an app, your app success totally depends on how many users downloaded and installed an app? How does your app perform? What is the feedback of customers about the app?

These critical factors are important for identifying the number of users who later return to your app. There are more chances that users will not return to your app if it is not useful to them. But the Push Notifications are an effective way to re-engage your customer.They engage your users by directly clicking on the notifications.

Push Notifications are also helpful when users are not using your app, as they appear directly on their lock screen. Sometimes notifications may vibrate the user's device. In some cases the notifications disappear after some time or in other cases they remain until the user interacts with them. They can be set according to the user's behavior.

2.Push Notification help to Engage More Users

As you are in a way to increase User retention and near to success, you also need to look at App Engagement. Your approach should be like that you need to make a strong push notification strategy to increase App Engagement.

You need to create highly curated content like email according to the user's choice so that users can be directly engaged with it. Also you can work on a Push Notification Campaign that will drive user attention towards brand awareness.

Engage your customer with signing for subscription or starting a free trial.

3.Push Notification help to bring back traffic

Any Mobile App Developer wants Push Notifications to bring back their traffic to your website or Mobile App and tries to engage 10-12 users in so many ways.

App Developers try to send advanced notifications for the users about trending news in the app. Social media will help to share information quickly in less than a second. Push Notification providing discounts will encourage customers to purchase products making them engage.

Use of push notification in mobile apps results in the increase of business. So many mobile applications are using push notifications now-a-days.

After understanding the benefits of Push Notifications, we move towards in-app notifications (Mobile App Push Notification).

Mobile App Push notifications are generally activated by downloading or an existing application on your device.While handling the device, the unique identifiers are registerd for both the app and the device with operating system push notification service.

These ID's are shared with app publishers who then send push notifications. That helps to increase customer engagement.

The mobile push notification delivery is based on mobiles opt-in feature and it is based on users choice; whether user wants notifications or not. When a user opts-ins for messages, the push notification alerts can be seen in three locations on your devices i.e Notification center, Banner and lock screen.

Push Notification opt-ins is a way of messaging that makes users agree to receive push notifications.

You can encourage your users to:

1.Accept Push Notifications

2.Enabled Push Notification

Push Notifications that are implemented in Android automatically opts in all users to receive push notification when they install an app. In other OS as well as in new versions of android devices, users have the option to decide if they permit or deny notifications.

The best practises of in-app notifications

The in-app notifications don't feel like a disturbance if they are helpful to users. Below are some practices through which you can create your strategy before messaging.

1.Greet and educate new users while they use their mobile app for the first time. So that they feel confident.

2.Talking to your users at a specific time, at the right time, you better understand their context to deliver personal and relevant messages. This results in getting a favorable response from the users.

3.Always provide value to your users for having great experiences when users engage with the app.

4.Keep call-to-action simple for better clicks.

What makes Users turn off Push Notifications?

The use of Push Notification can be tricky. You should manage push notifications carefully so that users do not feel spam. Then there would be high chances to unsubscribe the notifications or uninstall the app.

The very first reason to disable notifications is that they are annoying. Sending too much notification in a week will cause people to stop using your app. There should be limitations for sending Push Notifications, oftenly once a week. One can limit this to two or three times in a month to minimize the chances of getting muted .

Managing Push Notification carefully affects brands positively as they benefit through notifications. Also if the user gets compelling notification, he may likely return to the brand or application, increasing trust.

Best practices to use Push Notification to improve User Retention

1. Organize Push Notification:

Inconvenient push notifications cause trouble to users. By setting delivery time of push notification, one can organize sending push notification.

2. Establishing Metrics:

It results in irrelevance or impersonalisation if the user unsubscribes or blocks push notification. It will,then, get hard to show the value of push notification. You need to keep watch on your target audience to know their interest in using the application. This will help you to achieve your goal.

3. Limit the sending frequency:

It is more effective if your notifications are less frequent. If you have something interesting to share then only notify. This emphasizes quality over quantity. Also results in good collaboration.

4. Users permission:

It is good to take users permission for sending push notifications. Some devices like iOS or Windows phone naturally enforce it but Android has an opt-out option by default.

5. Geolocalized Push Notification:

Some users still find push notifications irritating. When they are repetitive, users think of them as spam. To make the notifications relevant to users, you can include a specific context or some alert following event or make it geolocalized with a particular site.

6. Make Attractive Content:

You can use a short and memorable message to grab people's attention. Use of catchy text can be included to attract a target audience. Animate your message by using emojis. There are high chances to attract users by visual designs.

Using these strategies will increase conversion rate by two or three times. Formatting notifications like by inserting an image or a call to action button, make it easier to achieve your goal i.e subscribing, calling, rating the app, liking, purchasing and so on.

How does the user receive Push Notifications?

At the start, the app developer needs to set a campaign management platform to design the message. And then by using the API, messages are sent automatically to the target audience.

Push Notifications Key Metrics

1. Click through rate or Open rate:

It is the number of people who clicked on your notifications divided by the number of people who saw your notifications.

2. Conversion Rate(CR):

It refers to the action taken after people view your Push Notifications. It can be anything i.e sign up a newsletter, make a purchase or start a trial.

3. Re-engaging user rate:

You might not get user always to convert or click easily. You may need to re engage them by sending relevant push notification to grab their attention.

4. Opt-in Rate

It will help you to see how your push subscribers are growing.

5. Opt-out Rate

It is a measure taken to see people unsubscribe from your push notification.

How Push Notifications can be integrated in an App using Firebase and Onesignal?

For the best Push Notification services, Firebase and Onesignal are the best providers in the market. You can use onesignal to send millions of push notifications and messages to users everyday.

Onesignal helps all kinds of businesses to connect their consumers and generate revenue by providing open API, free accounts, analytic tools, documentation etc.

If you need to develop an application from scratch and requires multiple development features other than notification, Firebase is the best option. Google introduced Firebase cloud messaging that helps you to send push notifications.

Also you can hire developers in the US to do notification in an android app.


Push Notifications are a great way to alert and update users but they are annoying too, as we have seen above. They can be done with caution, to keep the user base strong. This guide will help you to use Push Notification and opt-in messages perfectly as stated above.

By doing this, you can focus on

1.building a better app experience.

2.Making a good business decisions

3.Good communication with your customers

4.Provide value to your end users

We, at optimum technical labs llp, make use of Push Notification with the above given strategy and find them useful and beneficial. Our experts apply them on Android Apps that give your users a good experience.

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