Guide to character text or number recognition camera app

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If you are looking for a custom character text or number recognition camera app, then you are at the right place.

Here we will discuss about character text or number recognition camera app, how it is useful and the app development process.

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What is a character text or number recognition App?

The character text or number recognition app is also called an OCR app. It identifies the image of text and converts it into machine readable text format. In other words, if you scan a form or a document, the computer will save the file into an image format which is not editable. You can not search or count the words in the image file.

We also found that, according to research, the market share of optical character recognition technology will reach around 14.5% in China by 2025.

Among the several approaches to perform OCR, one of them is Machine Learning. It uses artificial intelligence to teach computers to recognise different characters and process images of text that have been scanned without being specially programmed to them.

How is a Character Text or Number Recognition camera App helpful?

Do you remember the days when you were surrounded by lots of document work? Also you wasted your precious time to do all the stuff. But now the days are changing. Change in technology brings the change in way you need to work today.

You can now scan documents in the character text recognition app. This app eliminates all the manual processes you were required to do before.

Its benefits are given as:

1. Increase efficiency

The OCR software used in companies allows faster data retrieval when needed. It allows to minimize document processing within a less period of time. So the employees are free to look into other vital elements of business helping to boost productivity and profitability of companies.

2. Help to reduce time

Before OCR comes into the market, data has to be manually filled in the computer and also needs to be manually analyzed by the employees. OCR saves lots of time in business operations as you can easily scan documents into digital formats and quickly extract data whenever required.

3. Reduce cost and is cost effective

The paperwork days require lots of storage space as the organization needs to keep them for its purpose when required. The OCR overcame this fault as it digitized documents and stored them on the cloud or the internal servers.

Also OCR requires less processing cost and can be accessible across all kinds of mobile devices with a camera.

4. Help in Data Security

Character Text or Number recognition camera apps help to secure data, leakage of data and suppressing critical information. It automatically identifies sensitive information and protects it from unauthorized persons through machine learning.

Also when converting documents into digital papers, you can use security measures to make sure that only authorized persons are operating the device.

5. OCR is Environmental friendly

As OCR is used to convert documents into digital format, lots of papers get saved. So it is considered as Environmental Friendly. OCR saves and access data electronically, saving trees and other resources required to produce papers.

OCR helps to reduce Greenhouse emissions. It works automatically. So it requires less number of papers and reduces energy in traveling for meetings.

Other than these advantages of OCR, OCR is most useful in the Core Sector such as Banking, Financial services, Insurance Industries, Logistics, transport, Retail and Manufacturing.

OCR App Development Process

The process of development of the OCR app is a little bit complicated. The developer should be well prepared in computer algorithms and machine learning. Identifying each character and word according to languages is most important while developing an app.

Other than this, you need to study market and customer expectations from this app. You need to look for the budget required for the development.

1. Technologies

The OCR app is developed using various technologies, APIs, languages and frameworks necessary for the implementation. Several sets of APIs and languages are available for the development of OCR scanner apps. Their prices can vary according to the development process used.

2. APIs used in OCR development

Several types of APIs are available in the market. All are different in their functions - some help in image processing, some help in identifying image and text.

3. Necessory Languages

You can use various programming languages if you are going to launch your app on different platforms. The popular programming languages used are Python, C++ and Java. Each language has its own advantage and you can use it accordingly.

4. Frameworks required

The frameworks are like the foundation of an App. They include code, libraries, compilers that are used in development.

5. Requirement of cost

As of now you are aware of the factors and things required to build an app. The cost required in the development process will vary as it depends on framework, APIs, technologies and languages used.


Nowadays the demand for OCR apps is reaching the top. It has a high target audience and thus an increase in revenue generation. You have seen information about the OCR app, its benefits and development process above. With higher efficiency, extraordinary as well as engaging features and innovative ideas can be implemented to develop an app.

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